vendredi 11 juillet 2008


So, apparently, my host family information wasn't even sent to AFS USA from AFS France until yesterday, and that's why I hadn't heard!
I'm going to Liginiac! Which (as google searches tell me)is a leeetttle tiny town (and by little I mean 630 inhabitants) in the city of Ussel, in Correze, in the province of Limousin, in France!!! And according to these websites, Limousin the 2nd least populated region in France! I was surprised when I saw the address AFS gave me, because it's nothing like "600 Rue de Lafayette" or something like that. It's actually "Chateau de Mareges." So they live in a chateau? WOW! I searched it in google (that amazing google..haha) and I got pictures of a castle-like place, advertising it as a holiday property. So I am slightly confused, though the chateau in the pictures looks rather like the photos they sent me! (the first photo up there is from the holiday property website!, and the second is one they sent me!) My theory is that they rent out rooms because of their extensive land, or rent out their chateau on holidays. (I don't have high expectations do I? haha)
I really think it's awesome that they put me there. My family sounds amazing, and I'll be going from a HUGE CITY to a little tiny town, and I'll get to experience REAL FRENCH LIFE! IN THE COUNTRYSIDE!
I'm sooo excited. So so psyched. Even though I couldn't find any information on my school, "College Voltaire."

mercredi 9 juillet 2008

Host Family!!

Guess what guess what guess what!! I got a host family!!!

Well, I didn't officially get any information from AFS, but my host family emailed me today! (Apparently it is normal for the host family to get information before the exchange student?)
My host parents' names are Helene and Alain, and I have EIGHT host siblings!
Aude 17
Marion 16
Lucie 14
Pauline 12
Louis 10
Gautier 9
Arthur 5
Charlotte 3

And they emailed saying things such as (of course in French) "We're preparing the house for your visit! We can't wait to meet you! I'm sorry my english is not good, but it will help you practice your french!" etc.etc.
I AM SO EXCITED! Even though I still don't know where in France I'll be, or what school I'm going to, or anything!!