samedi 30 mai 2009


"Parmi les choses dont la sagesse se munit en vue de la félicité de la vie tout entier de beaucoup la plus importante est la possession de l'amitié" --Epicure

I am really happy. I went back to lycée today and I realized, I've found some really good friends here--and I have a family here and I will miss France so much. Even with my rollercoaster emotions, I've learned a lot here, things I never would've learned if I had stayed another year in Los Angeles.

Last Monday, the school bus came late so I missed 2 hours of math. All the high schooelrs from Liginiac (we're about 8) got to Ussel around 9h30, so we all went to a pub before going back to class ( we had to all go together; otherwise we couldn't get away with it! hehe) We got back to lycée around 10 and we told everyone that the car had just arrived! My English teacher wasn't there all this week either, which was pretty nice (she has some really bad mood swings, and not a very good accent) The weather is finally getting warmer (20-30 degrees celsius!) and so it's generally marvelous. We spet all of last weekend next to the swimming pool--I've started tanning!

The other night, Minette (one of our many tabby cats, their names are: Songha, Minette, Nougat, Tigrou, on other one that I can't remember the name of, and Gaspard) gave birth to kittens! Apparently, Minette started giving birth at like...3 in the morning, on Pauline's bed (I would definitely like to be woken up by that! lol...I'm being sarcastic). Now there are three tout-petit chatons hanging out in Pauline's room.

And yesterday was a Thursday, so we finished at 3 like usual, so we went in a group to le parc de la mairie, and just hung out. I love the days like that. We kind of all lean and lay on each other in the sun, and talk, and goof around. And it's starting to feel like the end of the SES we already got our grades for the last trimestre, so no one takes notes; and everyone has started talking about summer plans. I finish school the 17th of June; and then I'll leave Ussel the 7th of July to return in LA the 12th.

I've just started to realize that I only have...1 monh left in France. About a month...a month and a week really. And that scares me. I think I keep saying that (yes?) but it's true! 10 months has gone by a bit too quickly. 10 MONTHS?! I can't even believe I've been here for that long.

So I've also started thinking about what it'll be like when I get back to LA. I'm mostly thinking it'll be weird? I think I took way too much for granted when I was in LA--the closeness of everything and everyone. I'm looking forward to seeing you. And doing AP work of course (I'm kidding for that one). I should probably see all the movies I missed this year, and start reading only french books or something (or give bisous to everyone all the time!)

But mostly, I'll deal with that in July. Right now I just want to be here with my friends and Helene and the family and the countrside and the swimming pool and Ussel and the afternoons after lycée and general normalness. I will miss it incredibly. I'm glad that I'll have 3 weeks of French summer vacation before I leave--so I can hang out with all my friends here, I'll have enough time to say goodbye. Or maybe I'll never have enough time? I'm not someone who would "accidentally" misplace their airplane tickets or something like that (like that AFS book says people do before they leave), because I know that I'll have to go back to LA. I just wish I had a bit more time, you know...this year has almost felt like a dream. Wake me up in 6 more months!

I don'wanna leave yet.

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adelia putri a dit…

me neither, france's too great right?

oh well, je suis adelia, afs student too in france this year bises

Yvette a dit…

I just recently discovered this blog. I was wondering if at some point you could post something about advice for a future foreign exchange student and/or differences between France and the U.S. I will be going to France in August/September, not sure which yet. If you could do that I would really appreciate it! Thanks!

p.s. I love reading your blog, it's great :)