jeudi 20 mars 2008


This is where I will post all the goings-on while I'm in France! I'm going with AFS (American Field Service) Intercultural Programs and I'm going on the Summer-Departure France Year Program. I leave on August 20-23rd!!!!
I'm so unbelievably excited.
Here are some interesting facts/statistics about France.
Capital: Paris
Highest Point: Mont Blanc in the Alps
Population: 60 Million
Religion: Roman Catholic 83-88%
Protestant: 2%
Jewish 1%
Muslim 5-10%
Unaffiliated: 4%
Currency: euro
Percentage of French homes w/ a pet: 52%
Amount of cheese eaten by each french person a day: 2 ounces
Percentage of ownership: iron 98%
frying pan 67%
microwave oven 52%
Children age 15-24 that live with their parents: 73%
Hours the french work each week: 35 hours