mardi 14 juillet 2009'm home.

Well, the last couple weeks in France were fantastic. I went to the lake nearby almost every day with Marion or Cloe, and I spent the last 4 days before the orientation in Paris with 12 other AFSers. The last night at the orientation was really really sad....I had to say goodbye to all my new friends I had made at Paris, and then to Miyu and Victoria, who were my closest friends in France. I cried and cried and cried. But the next morning...I left at 6h30 for I the airport...and I realized that maybe I was ready to go home.

I got home at 8:00 last night at the airport....and my mom and brother and sister were waiting for me with signs. I got home and I gave them my presents. Allie and Chris stayed in my room with me until I went to bed at about...3 in the morning. (jet lag?) And we talked and talked and talked.

It's really weird to be home. I mix up my English and French (I'll start speaking in French really fast and then have to correct myself, and translate it for everybody). J'aimerais mieux de parler francais, en fait. Je vais essayer de parler avec ma mere et ma soeur, parce qu'elles comprennent un peu mieux! I keep walking around the house, and looking at all the things I left in my room...because it feels I'm in a stranger's room almost. Very weird. But I called all my friends here, and I've already organized sleepovers and things to do!

Ah very very weird! I don't think I've even realized that I'm REALLY home yet. OH well. I'M HOME!!! WHOAH!